3rd International Conference on Nonlinear Applied Analysis and Optimization (ICNAAO-2023), NIT Durgapur, Deadline for registration and abstract submission: November 15, 2023


The International Conference on Nonlinear Applied Analysis & Optimization is scheduled at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, NIT Durgapur. This course is aimed at providing an opportunity to young researchers to attend talks of International level experts, interact with them during short discussion and present their contributions if accepted.

The objective of the conference is to motivate and equip the participants with the recent state-of-art of nonlinear analysis, fixed point theory, dynamical systems, optimization, fractals, differential/integral equations and various applications to signal & image processing, soft computing as well as to expose the young talents with the newer dimensions in these areas with their practical approaches to tackle the real life problems in engineering, medical and social sciences so that the participants can take up various challenges in future. This conference will cover two broad topics e.g. nonlinear analysis and optimization. As we know that the nonlinear analysis is a branch of applied mathematics that deals with mathematical problems involving nonlinear equations, functions, and phenomena. It is widely used across various fields to model and understand complex systems where relationships between variables are not linear. On the other hand, optimization plays a crucial role in various fields of applied mathematics and science. It involves finding the best solution to a problem from a set of possible solutions, often subject to constraints. Many renowned experts in these broad areas will share their expertise that will certainly help the larger class of young scientists and research scholars across the world.

For more details please click : https://nitdgp.ac.in/ICNAAO_2023/


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