ATM Schools:  Analytic Methods in Algebraic Number Theory, IIT Delhi, Application Deadline: October 31, 2023

The Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools (ATM Schools) were launched by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) in May 2004. The purpose of these schools is to provide training in core subjects in Mathematics to Ph.D. students, young researchers and teachers. The emphasis in these schools is on learning mathematics by doing it. IIT Bombay and TIFR have jointly established the National Centre for Mathematics (NCM) in 2011. The instructional schools and workshops which were earlier planned by an NBHM committee on ATM Schools are now being organized under the supervision of the Apex Committee of the NCM.

Dates: 4 Dec 2023 to 16 Dec 2023

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Speakers and Syllabus

Name of the Speaker with affiliationNo. of LecturesDetailed Syllabus
Dr. Ekata Saha,
IIT Delhi, New Delhi
3Prerequisites from algebraic number theory: Integral basis, Dirichlet unit theorem, class group and class number, discriminant, different
Dr. Sneha Chaubey,
IIIT Delhi, New Delhi
3Prerequisites from analytic number theory: Riemann zeta function, Dirichlet L-functions, Euler product, functional equations, zero-free regions
Dr. Biswajyoti Saha,
IIT Delhi, New Delhi
2Prerequisites from representation theory of groups: Character of a representation, regular representation, Frobenius reciprocity, Artin’s theorem, p-elementary subgroups, Brauer’s theorem.
Prof. Sanoli Gun,
IMSc, Chennai
4Theory of Dedekind zeta function: Dedekind zeta function, functional equation, analytic class number formula, asymptotic distribution of ideals
Prof. M. Ram Murty,
Queen’s University, Canada
4TheoryofArtinL-series:ArtinL-series,Artin’sconjecture,Aramata- Brauer theorem, Artin symbol, Artin conductor, meromorphiccontinuation
Prof. Purusottam Rath,
CMI, Chennai
4Siegel’s theorem and Brauer’s extension: Siegel’s theorem, ineffectivity in Siegel’s theorem, Brauer’s extension of Siegel’s theorem
Prof. V. Kumar Murty,
University of Toronto, Canada
4Effective Brauer-Siegel theorem: Explicit formulas, instances of effective Brauer-Siegel theorem andapplications


Name: Dr. Ekata Saha Dr. Biswajyoti Saha
Mailing Address:Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Email: ekata at biswajyoti at


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